The list and the rules of the most attractive 2 person card games

The list and the rules of the most attractive 2 person card games

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Cards remain the most popular entertainment. People play at home, in land casinos and online. No one knows for sure the number of the existing games, as there are many special them in different counties. However, when it comes to the 2 person card games, it is found that one and the same game is known worldwide.

Variety of 2 person card games

Many 2 person card games have similar rules in different countries. People from the West can play the Speed card game, and Asians also know it (although the game name can vary). This is the list of the best 2 person card games, those ones that are both simple and difficult, but popular worldwide:

  • Hands Up Poker;
  • Rummy;
  • Slap Jack;
  • Idiot;
  • Beggar my Neighbor 2 person card games;
  • Crazy Eights;
  • James Bond, etc.

The rules of many of them can be found online. Here are the rules of the most often played games for couples.

Heads Up Poker

Heads-up also belongs to the most interesting 2 person card games, and it is also the most difficult type of Poker. The player is obliged to make decisions every hand and cannot play many tables at the same time. Since the player has only one opponent in the, it is necessary to apply a lot of effort to overcome him. You may also be interested in besides poker

In most cases, statistics aggregated through special programs will help. If a player has a new opponent, next time it will be much easier for him. As a rule, when playing Heads Up 2 player card games, they use a kind of unlimited Poker. Limit or pot-limit poker options, such as Stud or Omaha, are not the best choice here, although this is theoretically possible. The main difference between Texas Hold’em Heads-up and full-fledged poker is that in the Heads-up game the dealer starts with the small blind that goes before the flop and the last in subsequent rounds.

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In full-fledged poker, the small blind goes penultimate before the flop and first after the flop. Traditionally, players start a Heads Up match with the same number of chips. In the tournament, players continue the game until one of them takes all the opponent’s chips.


Rummy is one of the most popular 2 person card games for couples. Players have to make general combinations on the table: rows (where the numbers of symbols of the same suit are ascending) and groups (where the same numbers of symbols are present in different suits). The game’s purpose is to be the first one to make combinations of all the cards on the stand according to the rules.

Playing Rummy card games for 2 people, the gamer takes a card, and the owner of the largest number starts the game. The cards taken at the beginning are returned to the table and mixed again. Then each player takes 14 cards and places them on a stand in groups or rows. The remaining on the table cards are in reserve. During his first move, each player must lay out rows or groups on the table, the sum of the numbers of which must be at least 30.

If a player cannot make an initial move immediately because of the lack of necessary cards, then he must take one card from the reserve. This completes his move. During the initial move, one cannot use the groups and rows already created by opponents on the table. Joker is presented in the deck as well, it replaces cards but it cannot be used before the initial move is made. The game continues until then one of the players places all his cards on the table and exclaims “Rummy!”

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Beggar my Neighbor

Beggar my Neighbor is also mentioned among the coolest simple 2 person card games and it is a player with a 52 cards deck. In different countries, it has other names like Naked Strip Jack. The aim here is to win all the cards of an opponent. The game process is clear even for a newbie. The deck is carefully shuffled, and distributed evenly between 2 players.

The first player takes the top card from his pile and puts it in the center of the table. The second player puts one card until an Ace, King, Queen or Jack is revealed. If he opens Ace, he gets 4 cards, for the King he receives 3 cards, for the Queen 2 cards are given and Jack brings one more additional card. Thus, the whole game continues. The player who runs out of cards becomes the winner. If for a long period no one can finish the game, then the player with the fewest cards becomes the winner.

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