Video Poker popular online casino games and their sense in brief

Video Poker popular online casino games and their sense in brief

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Video Poker games at online casinos

Video Poker is an Online Poker free or real-money game based on the classic five-card version. That means 5 cards are dealt with the player at the start of the game. Here he has to decide which cards he wants to keep and which will play no role for him anymore. The ranking of the Video Poker game hands are the same as that of the classic Poker game: this information is available for free at any site devoted to card games. Some game variants have special hands that are ranked differently (for instance, Jacks in Jacks or Better). Playing this game online, each gamer has one opponent — a machine, but strategies that are used in real casinos can work here as well.

Video Poker: how does the game work

Before starting speaking about Video Poker games and Poker odds, the newbie should remember that the whole game is the mixture of slot fun and intellectual tournament.

Each player has to make the first decisions about how many hands he wants to play and how much he can wager. Thanks to the gaming machine features, the gamer can play (and even win) up to 100 hands at the same time. The winning options do not differentiate between the value of the coins but between the number. If a person plays with five coins per hand, they can book disproportionately high winnings. Once the casino player has determined bets, the slot deals five cards. Now he has to decide which cards he wants to hold and which he should get rid of. The computer suggests the most promising variant. Of course, it may suggest that a player split a pair and whatnot. Here, practice and knowledge of a Poker video game will be needed.

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If a guy does not have a good hand, the computer will offer to hold the highest card. Then a player draws new cards accordingly. The random generator automatically distributes. Next to the hand, the gamer will be shown how many hands he could win with each hand. Further, the next game round starts.

Other variations of video poker with the best odds

Jacks Or Better is the variant that is most commonly played in Video Poker, but besides, there are a few alternative Video Poker games that differ slightly. With most alternatives, only the payout structure is changed slightly. Here they are:

  • The Tens or Better Video Poker variant;
  • Joker Poker;
  • Deuces Wild (Deuces as Jokers are used here);
  • Double Joker Poker, etc.

The payouts here depend on the hand. At the top of a Royal Flush, one can even win 4,000 times the bet. No wonder, after all, the Royal Flush is by far the rarest hand. With a Straight Flush, the player gets back 1,000 times the winnings.

The changed payout structure also reduces the house edge for games with five coins to a strong 0.46%. For comparison: in games with four or fewer coins per hand, the house edge is 1.95%, almost five times as much.

Play free video Poker

Of course, not only real-money Video Poker but free online Poker games today are offered. This is not a bad idea to get started with this game. To play it for play money, casinos require a simple registration.

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