PokerStars is the largest poker room with the largest number of players and poker disciplines

pokerstars casino online

PokerStars is the largest poker room with the largest number of players and poker disciplines

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A detailed description of all bonuses and promotions from the poker room, which may be of interest to all players and allow you to get additional rewards from playing at PokerStars. All of the bonuses and promotions listed above are from the poker room and may have additional conditions on their receipt, for example require activation. First deposit bonus is available to all new players who have registered an account in the poker room and made a deposit under the terms of the promotion.

$30 Instant Play Bonus

If you deposit $20 or more with the bonus code THIRTY, the player will receive bonuses for six days. Bonuses will be given out every day, according to the table on the right. This option will be of interest to novice players who were not planning to make a large initial deposit and would like to try different game formats.

All tickets received by the player must be used within 21 days, otherwise they will simply “burn”. It is also worth noting that you lose the right to receive the remaining parts of the rewards if you request a withdrawal during the bonus period.

StarRewards – A Cashback System with Chests and Random Rewards

Stars Rewards is a loyalty program that is great for beginners and amateurs. You’ll earn points for playing for money, which fill a special progress bar. Once you’ve earned the required number of points, you’ll receive a gift – a chest with random cash prizes up to $1,000.

The more chests you open, the more points you need to get the next one, but the reward will also be increased. The color of the chest affects the likelihood of winning an instant payout of $1,000. The room also earns Star Coins that can be spent on “The Deal” cash prize game or order your own gifts, cash bonuses or tournament tickets from the Rewards Store.

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The Deal – additional jackpot prizes

You can also use the StarCoins you get from your StarCoins chest to play The Deal and compete for very big prizes including the progressive jackpot.  pokerstars casinoThere are two buy-in options: 7 and 70 StarCoins each. The player is dealt 7 cards from which he must choose and discard 2 cards. The remaining 5 cards are opened and in case of any poker combination you get the corresponding prizes.

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