The most popular and easy card games for kids and adults

The most popular and easy card games for kids and adults

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According to historians, card games are very popular and incredibly ancient. The first mention of the cards as such was found in Chinese literature of the 9th century BC. Of course, card games in the casino appeared a little later, but the history of cards is no less interesting.

The active development of cards leads to what we see in our world – the most popular card games in casinos have gained popularity around the world.

Easy card games to play for fun

The Fool

Perhaps it is the most famous card game. The rules here are very simple. Usually, you need a deck of 36 cards to play. Each player receives 6 cards from the mixed deck, and one random card becomes a “trump card” – the highest suit that “beats” other. Card seniority starts from six to ten, and then from jack to ace. During the game, it is necessary to get rid of all the cards, “beating” the cards thrown by the opponent according to seniority and suit.

The Preference – easy 3 player card game

The game is designed for two, three or four participants. They play preference with a deck of 32 cards: from seven to ace of all stripes. To record points, a sheet of paper with special marking is used – the so-called “bullet”. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible, guided by fairly complex rules, including the drawing of bribes and trading for the payoff.

Although preference is gambling, it is not considered a gamble, since monetary interest is not part of the strategy. Usually, the end of the game is either the distribution limit or the predetermined number of points scored.

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Easy card games for adults


Poker is a glorious game with a long history. The main feature is the ability to defeat rivals in two ways. Either collect the best card combination or force them to save opponents in any way, forcing them out of the game. Everything is very simple – the combinations are almost identical, during the game, there is a trade during which players need to place bets, bluff or pass.


The game is more reminiscent of the classic “21”, but it has certain differences. So, in the game, you can use several card decks – from 1 to 8. Cards have their own value in points. So, seven will give you seven points, and ten gives ten. The main goal of the game is to collect 21 points or get more points than the dealer, without going beyond the barrier of 21 points.


Baccarat rules are very simple – you need to score as many points as possible using 2-3 cards. The main goal is to get a combination of cards with a total number of points of 9 or as close as possible to 9. The game is played against the dealer.

Easy games for kids

With all the ambiguity in relation to card games, one cannot deny the benefits of them. Easy 2 player card games help to develop logical thinking, attention, and memory. This is a convenient and affordable material for classes with kids.


Cards are placed in a row with the shirt up. But before putting the card, it is shown to the players. If a pair of this card is already somewhere in the row and the player can correctly show it, then he takes both cards for himself. The one who collects the most pairs wins.

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The 21

The rules, I think, are known to all. We play, of course, without money. Who scored 21 points – won. Who went through – lost.

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