The list of card games with examples: how to play them

The list of card games with examples: how to play them

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Playing cards is the most popular excitement for people. The list of card games that includes the well-known free computer Spider or Solitaire, BJ, Idiot, Poker and is not limited to “classic” variants involving cards with known-to-all Kings, Aces, and Queens.

The list of all card games includes table games with special cards depicting different symbols and pictures, having questions and tasks, etc.

The list of card games for a single person and many players

The list of card games might have no end, as each nation has its own entertainment: guys that like Manga choose Dragon Ball Super, Poker fans never refuse a proposition to organize a home Poker tournament. The following list of card games for four players includes also entertainment for a fewer number of people. Some of them suppose the participation of 8-9 persons and even more.

Mau Mau

Mau Mau is a classic and for many people the first 32 cards game they learn. In the classical variant, a player gets the cards, then turns them around. The laid cards must always correspond in color or value of the lying ones. Jack may have one color, Ace must expose the next, a Seven has two cards. There are many varieties of entertainment.


Rummy is another one in the list of card games; it is a little more extensive and is played with 104 cards + Joker, the Wild card. The goal is the laying out of rows. The first designed combination must usually have a specific numerical value (~30). The rows must be the same color or have the same value. A row cannot be under 3 cards long.

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The cards outside the hands are important. Numerical values also play a role here. Skat is a 3-players game that involves 32 cards.


There are Quartet games with cars, football players, ships, movie characters, etc. The cards usually depict pictures of the corresponding person or the object as well as with the individual values. Depending on the quartet, four to six values are often listed. For cars, this can be the cubic capacity, the acceleration, the maximum speed and the like. The player chooses a value that he believes has the highest or best. If his acceptance is correct, he collects the opponent cards. The winner is the one who has the most foursome groups at the end.

Trading Card Games

As the name implies, one must collect cards here. These can then be combined in the game to decks. The list of trading card games includes Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc.. Each card describes a different being, trait, energy status, attack, defense or special ability; depending on the game and game type. These card games can be played by 2+ players.

Cards against Humanity

Being in the list of card games, it has not much common with cards. The first player places a card with a sentence beginning. The other players put their cards on which the sentence is completed. This usually results in bizarre, abstract, or funny combinations. The one who has placed the corresponding sentence ending may ascribe a point.

Black stories

Black Stories offer puzzles written on the back of the cards. One reads the riddle; the other must find the solution. Who finds the solution, gets the appropriate card. The player, who has the most cards, in the end, wins.

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Taboo / Activity

Taboo and Activity that is the game for a group of people is about describing, painting or parading concepts. In most cases, no terms occur that are similar to the one a player is looking for (describe) and no words or numbers are used (paint). In these games, teams compete against each other.


The five cards of the hand (depending on the type of game, another number) must then be combined with cards on the table so that a high combination comes out. It is played in rounds, each of which results in a winner. It can involve up to 9 people.


Blackjack is about getting 21 points or at least an approximation. In no case, a player should come over 21 because then the game is over for one.

The list of card games can be endless, but people also amuse themselves with comfort: using special GameTime mobile app, they can get to the “last-minute” concerts and events like tournaments buying the last ticket online.

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