How to play Baccarat and win when you know the game rules.

How to play Baccarat and win when you know the game rules.

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Baccarat might seem to a newbie something that is very simple. Really, the main goal here to score a certain combination of cards with a total 9 points score. If no one has 9 points, the player with 8-points combination becomes a champion in this round. If it does not happen, then 3 cards can be distributed.

The most known strategies do not work here. Here, you do not have so many betting options and there are no opportunities to increase chances. Nevertheless, many people want to know how to play Baccarat and win in the game where a deck has 52 cards and the box for dealing is named a shoe.

It is a fairly popular game, where you need just to make stakes, everything happens automatically, according to the established rules. The main task for all is to guess who will win — the dealer or gambler whether you can have a draw.

How to play Baccarat and win following the rules

As it was mentioned before, you need to get 9 points maximum using 2 cards, if you do not get them, 3 cards are used. Cards with a value of 10 points, Kings, Queens, and Jacks give 0 points, ordinary cards from 2 to 9 points correspond to their value, and Aces give 1 point. If the sum of two cards is equal or more than 10, it is necessary to subtract 10 from it.

The remaining number is counted as a result. The gamblers here use the highest stakes. There are a large number of varieties of this game. Most gamblers are interested in how to play mini-Baccarat and win: in contrast to its original version, it is simpler, but also more exciting.

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How to play Baccarat and win making the right bets

Before you know everything about how to play Baccarat and win, you should remember that bets here are made in the Player, Banker and Tie (draw) fields. The probability of a casino victory at a rate on the Banker field is 1.06%, with a bet on the field Player it is higher, 1.24%, and on the Tie field, the highest expectation of a casino victory is 14.36%.

If the gambler succeeds, the bet on the Player is paid 1:1; the bet on the Draw is paid 9: 1. The bet on the Banker is also paid 1 to 1, but a 5% commission is also taken from the winnings. The bets are made on the 1-3-2-6 system.

For instance, when the 1st bet has worked, the next 3 bets must be the same. If during the 2nd time, 4 bets play, 2 of them are remaining in the game. With the next positive outcome, 6 bets are used and the luckiest gambler takes all 12 bets: the game starts again.

Some combinations you must know

As you know already, here cards points are counted using the following system:

  1. 10, King, Jack, Queen give zero;
  2. Ace gives 1;
  3. 2 – 9 give 2-9 points.

These combinations bring:

  • 8+8 is not 16 but 6 (read the information on how to play Baccarat and win above);
  • 10+King (Jack, Queen) brings nothing;
  • 2+9 is not 11 but 1 (11 minus 10), etc.

You will remember about it when you get more practice. Certainly, you should now also forget how to strategically play Baccarat and win.

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Simplest strategies

Unfortunately, here no mathematics will help you. Simply, do not forget that to learn how to play Baccarat and win, you should follow this rule: betting on a Banker Baccarat strategy for a gambler is in preference!

For simplicity, imagine that you have 100 credits. You will pay 5% for winning the Banker’s bet, and get 0.95 credits from each specific bet. The banker gets 50.68% of the time. Your chance to lose on the banker’s side is 49.32%, making the casino advantage of just 1.17%. That is why a 5% commission from a bet on the banker’s side does not make it lose.

As for the bet on a Tie, despite the high payouts on this bet (from 8: 1 to 9: 1), the probability of a draw result is low (the casino’s advantage at this bet is up to 15%). Hence, the second conclusion states: try not to bet on the Tie.

Thus, in reality, the rules and strategies here are not difficult at all. Just remember all the time how to strategically play Baccarat and win. It is simple! The only prompt here that will be also a help: pick only the casino (site), which you can trust.

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