Types and rules of free Solitaire card games

Types and rules of free Solitaire card games

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Solitaire is a card game for one person, and the primary goal is not to beat an opponent (as there is no opponent here) but to solve the game, to train logical thinking and sometimes it is even used for meditation.

Free Solitaire card games like Spider are familiar to each one, who owns a computer: some of them are installed on Windows different versions (default). So, many people, even those, who are not gamblers, played them. A part of these players like this type of a card game so much, that they install additional apps for PC and mobiles or play Solitaire in online casinos.

The rules of free Solitaire card games vary depending on the game type, but most know the rules of Klondike, classic Solitaire. Solitaire is played with 52 cards and the goal is to bring these cards onto four stacks of the same suit and in a special order. If this succeeds, then a player has won.

General rules of free Solitaire card games

When a player wants to play free Solitaire card games, he begins with shuffling the cards and then distributing them face down in six stacks. The first stack has a face-down card, the second — two of them, and so on up to the sixth stack. Then, one card is dealt face-up on the stacks plus one additional, which is not on any stacks of face-down cards.

The remaining cards are placed face down on a stack (called Talon, the cards that are left) and turned over the top card. The player can now arrange the cards in descending order. So, for example, place 7 on an open 8. For this, he can take the top cards from the stacks or from the Talon. If a hidden card is uncovered, so there is no face-up card on it, then the face-down card may be revealed.

As soon as a stack is unlocked, i.e. there are no more face-up or face-down cards, an open card may be placed on top of that pile. The goal now is to form four rows or stacks of the same color starting with a King and ending with an Ace. Once all the cards have been sorted, the game is over.

The variety of Solitaire games

Almost all classic Solitaire card games free involve one player, but some of them like Algerian Patience need two players. Other popular games of this type include:

  • Klondike. The classic variant of this entertainment;
  • FreeCell free Solitaire card games;
  • Yukon;
  • Scorpion;
  • Pyramid.

The rules of some of them need an explanation.

FreeCell Solitaire

This is a game that needs a strategy. It is not as easy as Klondike, and unlike in that game, all the cards remain open. Initially, there are 8 piles of cards.

The goal here is to make 4 piles beginning with an Ace and ending with a King. The detailed rules can be read on the site offering free card games Solitaire variants.


Yukon refers to Solitaire card games free variants that resemble a classic one; however, it has got one special feature.

The player can move any cards or a group of them without taking into account their sequence. The player wins when all cards show their faces.


Pyramid Solitaire card games free are chosen by players, who like something more complicated. Here, a pyramid-like cards’ construction is built when a player joins 2 cards and removes them from the Pyramid game.

All of the cards have their own pairs and have numbers. King is 13, Queen is 12, and Jack is 11. The pairs that make 13 in combination (like 9+4 of Jack +2) are removed. As soon as King gives 13, it is removed without another card, alone.

Playing free Solitaire card games for fun is not only a “time-killing” entertainment but a method to make one’s brain cells work. These games help a player to work out strategies and even use them in playing other online games.

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